Leadership 9.0

Revisiting soft skills in the post-pandemic era for leaders and managers

From as little as £1 per person per month

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the soft skills required for management and leadership.

Now, as we emerge from the pandemic, it is time to take stock and give people the skills they need to run organisations for the next few years.

Based on research before and during the pandemic, Leadership 9.0 has been developed by as a response to the change in management styles required to help businesses and organisation survive and recover from the devastating impact of the pandemic.

There is separate content of Leadership 9.0 for:

  • supervisors and team leaders
  • senior leaders
  • small business owners
  • unemployed managers

Common issues that tell you Leadership 9.0 is for you:

  • Staff complaining
  • Getting staff to take their leave
  • Performance issues amongst staff
  • Presenteeism
  • An increase in personal mental (stress, anxiety) and physical (fatigue) health issues
  • An increase in universal wellbeing issues (anxiety, uncertainty)
  • It is hard to differentiate reasonable vs. unreasonable expectations
  • Managers feeling out of their depth

We have studied the impact of the pandemic on organisations and staff and identified nine elements of leadership and management that have changed, we call this Leadership 9.0.

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