Supporting small businesses with Leadership 9.0

Helping local businesses be people-ready in the post-pandemic economy

From as little as £1 per person per month

The pandemic has had a massive impact on local economies and small businesses have been deeply affected by the impact of closures, lockdowns and restrictions. Some have been even more profoundly affected, being unable to access support from the various initiatives.

They have gone through a lot and so have their staff. Now as we go through the latter stages of the pandemic and the recovery phase, it is time to give them the helping hand to be resilient to the demands of reopening or restarting or reskilling.

That is where we would like to partner with you, we would like to work with you to help:

  • Support mental health in businesses
  • Build resilience
  • Build people skills
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Reduce presenteeism
  • Increase productivity
  • Increased internal problem-solving capacity
  • Support staff back to work
  • Increase confidence
  • Support the recovery of the local economy

We have studied the impact of the pandemic on organisations and staff and identified nine elements of leadership and management that have changed, we call this Leadership 9.0. Never has it been so important for small businesses to know how to be resilient to the mental health impact of the pandemic and for their owners to get back to what they are good at – being the leaders of their own business.

However, to achieve this, we need to think differently about training:

  • In-person training – not possible
  • Live online training – need to block-book time out, coordination of diaries causes delay, home educating, events happening (our experience is 85% attendance during the pandemic)
  • Our own wellbeing affects the capacity to take on learning
  • Increased stress means it is harder to do long courses
  • It is very easy to just be sat listening to a trainer or speaker without engaging
  • It is harder to focus for extended period of time.

We have therefore put together an online portal of micro-courses suitable for post-pandemic reskilling, each containing 3-4 videos no longer than 15 minutes long each to help post-pandemic readiness in a easy to access format available 24 hours a day (attendance during the pandemic has been 96%).

  • Introduction to post-pandemic leadership
  • Personal resilience
  • Managing stress
  • Supporting the wellbeing of others (home and workplace variants)
  • Introduction to mentoring
  • Introduction to coaching
  • Leadership skills revisited
  • Management skills revisited
  • Performance management

In addition, these qualifications are also available:

  • Level 1 Introduction to Mentoring
  • Level 2 Moving into Self-Employment/Entrepreneurship (Skills for Business)
  • Level 2 Mentoring Colleagues (Peer Mentoring)
  • Level 3 Mentoring (Workplace/Mentoring with Coaching)
  • Level 4 Advanced Mentoring
  • Level 4 Mental Health Aware Leadership

The benefits of working with us:

  1. Quality – our courses have consistently had over 99% positive feedback for the last five years (and have INCREASED during the pandemic);
  2. Outcomes – we do not believe in a one-size fits all approach, we develop solutions that have the flexibility to meet your needs and deliver outcomes, such as the availability of mentoring to accompany training;
  3. Expertise – we recognise that you need up-to-date content built on firm foundations, our content is based on the latest evidence base and presented by an internationally recognised expert, Richard Daniel Curtis;
  4. Relationships – we believe in working with you and with your staff, our portal can be white-labelled to fit your brand – our customers are our partners;
  5. Accessible – all of our content is available as online pre-recorded content in 15 minute chunks, whilst we can deliver live training, we have found throughout the pandemic this to be more successful and allows for translation into different languages;
  6. Speed – we have done the research, the development, all that we need to rapidly deploy this is to add your brand and make any adjustments to suit your needs.

Prices from just £1 per person per month!

To find out more, access a taster micro course or get a price (white-labelled portal available), please contact us on +442381 120010 or