Refresher Professional Skills Confidence Rating

1. I could recognise bullying or harassing behaviour in the workplace.
2. I could run a project for my community or a group I belong to.
3. I would feel confident with reviewing my situation as a result of a change in my employment or income.
4. I could recognise discrimination in the workplace.
5. I know how to access information or support about my employment.
6. I can get the best out of my appraisals, such as discussing progression or training.
7. I feel confident at managing my stress whilst at work.
8. I feel able to review my income and expenditure.
9. I know how to prepare for making a presentation.
10. I know how to prioritise tasks.
11. I recognise the importance of diversity and take action to support equality in the workplace.
12. I recognise the benefits of cultural differences in the workplace.
13. I understand the different types of pension.
14. I recognise appropriate and inappropriate actions or behaviour in workplace relationships.
15. I recognise progression pathways in my workplace and recognise the training or qualifications I would need to progress.
16. I feel confident in dealing with difficult situations between people in the workplace.