Refresher Employment Skills Confidence Rating

1. I understand what good customer service is and know how to give it.
2. I feel confident knowing what should be in a CV and completing one.
3. I feel confident completing a job application and writing a covering letter or email.
4. I know where to find job adverts and how to match them with what I am seeking or my skills.
5. I have conducted a personal audit of my own skills, abilities and areas of development.
6. I feel confident preparing for interviews (in-person or online) and have thought about relevant competency-based questions.
7. I am confident of my workplace motivation, punctuality, reliability and personal presentation.
8. I feel confident with understanding human rights, law, democracy and general society rights and responsibilities.
9. I feel confident adjusting my speech according to a workplace situation and am confident in using active listening techniques.
10. I understand time management and know how to use it to reduce my workload stress.
11. I know how my pay is calculated and my way around my payslip.
12. I understand the importance of working as a team, recognise the skills involved and am able to work as part of a team.
13. I recognise different writing formats, when to use them and how to check my writing for accuracy.