Berkshire Education Mental Health Training Package

Helping educational staff recover from the impact of the pandemic

Limited time remaining as the funding expires soon!

A scheme for school and college staff to help:

  • Recognise mental health difficulties in children and young people
  • Improve support for those experiencing difficulties
  • Support other staff to reduce staff absence
  • Reduce presenteeism
  • Increase retention

There can be no doubt that the pandemic and events in the world since then have had an impact on the wellbeing of your pupils and other staff.

Funded by Skills Support for the Workforce from the European Social Fund, Skills for Progress are delighted to be able to offer education staff (teaching and non-teaching roles) opportunities to develop their soft skills and understand things they can do to support wellbeing. This training is also available for supply staff.

We have a fully funded programme that contains both training and qualifications (value £2500 per person) that covers:

  • Mental health of staff in education;
  • Mental health of young people;
  • Mental health of children and young people (leading to a qualification);
  • Mentoring colleagues (leading to a qualification).

Our free training and mentored support is designed to upskill employees and managers to suit a post-pandemic workplace and takes 2-12 weeks to complete depending on time committed.

Flexible Support Self-study

Participants are able to progress through the training at their own pace as they access pre-recorded 15 minute video lessons, or undertake activities in their handbooks. This evidence-based approach, we have found, has provided staff with the ability to complete courses in their own time and be flexible to the demands of the pandemic. Accompanied by the monthly check-ins (if the programme is not completed in the first few weeks) to ask questions or to keep on track, our programmes have seen an over 95% completion rate.

Free mentoring

All participants are supported by a qualified mentor, who you will talk to weekly or fortnightly. This practical support helps you to overcome barriers and talk through decisions, or application of the learning.


What the programme feels like

Once an employer is registered, they can identify employees who would benefit from the programme. They have an initial conversation to determine suitability for the programme and then complete the registration forms, submitting it with evidence such as their passport, proof of address and proof of employment.

After this, participants will have access to a short course on mental health impact of the pandemic in children and staff, plus a short qualification on using mentoring techniques with colleagues. Lessons are delivered in 15 minute video segments with activities, learning is assessed through online responses. These two courses can be completed in 1-2 week.

Following this, participants spend 1-6 weeks (depending on the time they commit) working through the modules in the post pandemic people skills course. They again complete online questions to be assessed and gain the qualification.

Participants completing the modules and online questions will gain two formal qualifications. If questions do not meet the required standard, then they are given the opportunity to resubmit their answer.

The entire programme is forecast to last 2-6 weeks, depending on the time participants commit to it, they have up to 3 months to complete it all.


To be eligible you need to:

  1. Be employed in Berkshire
  2. Live in Berkshire
  3. Have a right to live and work in the UK
  4. Not be on an apprenticeship or have an existing management qualification

We are required to work with the employer to register them before registering individuals on the programme as a condition of funding.

Find out more

To find out more or express an interest, please email or call 02381 120010.