Berkshire Employment Support Programme

Helping those who have found themselves out of work – increasing the likelihood of securing the role you want

Losing your job is hard enough, without there being a pandemic. We want to help get you back into work and minimise the impact for you and your family.

Funded by Skills Support for the Unemployed and Skills Support for the Workforce from the European Social Fund, Skills for Progress are delighted to be able to offer unemployed people the skills, support and guidance to help get the job they want.

  • Want to get back into work quickly?
  • Whilst developing your skills?
  • Want to use this as an opportunity to progress your career?

Our free job seeking training and mentored support is designed to get you the job you want. Starting with a short period of advanced job hunting training and support from qualified mentors, we can also refresh your people skills to suit a post-pandemic workplace.


Make your application stand out from the crowd!

Pandemic friendly – delivered online

24/7 access – courses are pre-recorded in 10-15 minute bite sized chunks

Complete faster with our Ultra Accelerator (as quickly as 2 weeks)

Transferable skills

Need to move into a new sector? We recognise that the pandemic means you might be rethinking your career or be forced to change sector. Our qualified staff can support you with this.

Free mentoring

All participants are supported by a qualified mentor, who you will talk to weekly or fortnightly. This practical support helps you to overcome barriers and talk through decisions, applications and prepare for interviews.

Free training

We have access to a library of over 100 short courses, meaning that you can pick the ones most relevent to you. Options include:

  • Advanced CV writing
  • Advanced job interview skills
  • Personal resilience
  • Managing stress
  • Supporting the wellbeing of others (home and workplace variants)
  • Introduction to mentoring
  • Introduction to coaching
  • Leadership skills revisited
  • Management skills revisited
  • Performance management
  • Many others also available…

Participants to this programme will work towards an appropriate accredited qualification from Open Awards to help show recent personal development on their CV. Qualifications include Mentoring with Coaching, Mentoring, Skills for Business, Employment and Professional Development.

Want a qualification to boost your CV?

Participants to this programme will earn a qualification in Employability and Professional Development from Open Awards. In addition, they can also study for:


To be eligible you need to:

  1. Be at risk of redundancy or unemployed
  2. Live in Berkshire
  3. Have a right to live and work in the UK

How does it work?

Initial meeting

  • Eligibility check (written CV, passport/birth certificate, proof of address and evidence of unemployment).
  • Induction to accelerator programme.

1. Accelerator preparation

  • Advanced CV and job hunting online course, support with a trained mentor to reflect on your CV.

2. Accelerator training

  • Choose from a library of over 100 short online courses to help you prepare for writing job applications and answering interview questions relating to the skills required for the jobs you are applying for.

3. Accelerator mentoring

  • Online support from a trained job and career mentor as you move forward towards your new role.

Start today

To get started or find out more, please email or call 02381 120010.