Offering traineeship placements

Help Kick start the career of Berkshire school leavers and college students

We are looking for Education and Childcare settings to host enthusiastic school and college leavers who want a career in your sector. A placement with you will help guide them through the early stages of their careers and support them to understand what further steps they need to take to make their ambitions a reality. What we want to do is help these students gain relevant real world experience while training them to understand their own skills and how to fill in their skill gaps with focussed learning.

This is an opportunity for you to have an injection of enthusiasm and passion with a new staff member at no cost to yourself, in-fact as part of the scheme you will be paid £1000 for every trainee that you take on. (With a limit of 10 trainees per setting)

While they work with your team we will provide them with comprehensive employability and workplace people skills training while mentoring them to unpack what you have taught them and teach them how to utilise that knowledge and focus their future job hunting and their further educational route.

What we are looking for in a placement:

  • Berkshire based Schools, childcare providers and nurseries.
  • A team with the desire to pass on valuable skills to a new generation of teachers and childcare specialists.
  • Enthusiasm to help inspire young minds taking their first steps into a rewarding career.

What does a placement involve?

What do you provide to the learner?

  • A placement lasting at least 70 hours over 2-6 weeks 
  • A role within the placement where the trainee can learn the key principles of the industry.
  • Regular learner feedback and an exit interview.
  • The position is unpaid but an optional offer of food and travel expenses for the learner is recommended

What does Skills for Progress provide to the learner?

  • Careers advice from a qualified careers adviser
  • Regular mentoring sessions from a qualified specialist mentor. 
  • Job seeking, CV and interview training and career development workshopping.
  • Industry leading mental health, wellbeing, workplace and interpersonal skills and career development training.
  • English, Maths and Computer skills (if required)
  • The opportunity to gain further funded level 1 qualifications in mentoring.

Free mentoring

All participants are supported by a qualified mentor, who you will talk to weekly or fortnightly. This practical support helps you to overcome barriers and talk through decisions, applications and prepare for interviews. As well as helping you utilise the new skills that you have learned.

Careers Advice

Are you unsure what career path you want to take? We can help. Our partners at the National Careers Service will provide a free one to one meeting where they will advise you on your options and help you choose the right career direction for you. So when you take up your traineeship you will be working in a placement that is relevant to where you want to go.

Where will these learners come from?

Finding the students for the placements will be our responsibility. We are working alongside Berkshire schools and colleges to find potential learners, you would simply need to provide the placements and the staff to support the trainees.

Further details regarding specific placements coming soon.

Start today

To enquire about creating a placement please email or call 02381 120010.