Professional Skills Confidence Rating

1. I know what an appraisal is and how to set a target for mine.
2. I understand about different ways of approaching learning tasks.
3. I understand what it means to be assertive and make a decision.
4. I know what bully and harassment are in the workplace.
5. I feel comfortable dealing with change in my employment or income.
6. I feel able to get help or deal with a difficult circumstance in the workplace.
7. I know what discrimination in the workplace is.
8. I understand what I need to do to get the most out of a training course.
9. I know where to get information or support about my employment status.
10. I recognise my own stress and know how to deal with it.
11. I am confident in managing my own study or learning.
12. I know how to prepare a personal budget.
13. I feel confident that I am preparing for progressing in work.
14. I know how to prepare for giving a presentation.
15. I recognise the importance of quality and diversity.
16. I understand the impact of changes to my job or pay.
17. I am able to speak confidently in work.
18. I recognise the benefits of cultural differences.
19. I understand the difference between professional and personal relationships.
20. I know what I need to do to secure a progression in work.