Mentoring with Coaching Qualification

A CPD programme for managers and leaders in large, small and medium organisations.

Introducing the Mentoring with Coaching for Managers Programme, an accredited Level 3 qualification from Open Awards designed for helping managers and leaders to progress.

Keeping on top of personal development is a challenge, especially when you have a team to manage, want to improve their productivity and effectiveness, all the time whilst you have responsibilities to meet.

Investing the time to refine your skills with this programme will allow you to enhance your current skillset and to then formally recognise them with a certified level 3 qualification, boosting your CV and making you an invaluable asset to your workplace (and hopefully set for future promotion too).

A supportive leadership approach allows you to pass on your knowledge and skills to your team, this increases employee motivation, job performance and retention rates. By using mentoring and coaching conversations you can also develop your team, increasing their potential and the productivity of your team.

The course is delivered over 3 days in-person, or is pre-recorded online in 15-minute chunks (so you can study in your own time). This then followed by a series of questions making up a portfolio. The total time to complete the courses is 24-50 hours.


  • You and your business
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Common barriers
  • Learning Styles
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Preparation for the future
  • Mindset
  • Good practice
  • Individual mentoring and coaching
  • Diversity
  • Group mentoring and coaching
  • Involving others
  • Supporting the individual
  • Mentoring, coaching and mental health
  • Monitoring the outcomes of support
  • Bringing it all together

Course Information

Estimated Time: 30-50 hours including assignment

Course Instructor

Richard Curtis Richard Curtis Author

Mentoring with Coaching Qualification


Mentoring with Coaching Qualification Payment Plan

per month for 5 total payments