Workplace Mental Health and People Skills

An online course developing an understanding of mental health in the workplace, wellbeing and people skills in the 2022 landscape, leads to a Level 1 Diploma in Skills for Further Learning and Employment from Open Awards.

This course is also a suitable refresher for supervisors, managers or prospective managers who want to update their skills to suit post-pandemic and hybrid working. Covering a range of topics, the course features self-study in workbooks, pre-recorded online lessons and interactive online quizzes.


  • Self-awareness
    • Personal awareness
    • Personality
    • Personal skills, knowledge and achievements
    • Emotions
    • Coping
  • Contributing Factors in the Workplace
    • Changing demands of the business
    • Business/department model, structure and operation
    • Impact on the environment
    • Law and ethics
    • Use of technology
    • Key job roles and skills/qualification requirements
    • Working practices
    • Career progression pathways
  • Workplace Wellbeing
    • Time management
    • Stress
    • Criticism and constructive feedback
    • Confidence
    • Body language
    • Acceptable behaviour
    • Workplace duties
    • Hybrid and Remote Meetings
  • Improving Learning and Performance
    • Learning preferences
    • Learning goals
    • Achieving learning goals
    • Reviewing and monitoring own progress
    • Learning styles and the impact on learning on the job
    • Supporting improvements in performance/problem solving
  • Supportive Communication
    • Communication refresher
    • Changes in written and email communication
    • Verbal communication in 2022
    • Personal communication development
    • Different methods of communication
    • Distance/virtual cooperation and collaboration
  • Responses to World Events
    • Introduction to Mental Health
    • Taking a person-centred approach
    • Contributing factors
    • Communicating with those experiencing mental health difficulties

This course is great for those who have noticed the impact of the pandemic, or world events since then, on staff and want to understand how best to support their wellbeing, whilst also how their own personal styles need to adapt to meet the needs of the post-pandemic workforce.

Richard Daniel Curtis

Learners work through the modules, watching 10-15 minute pre-recorded lessons, completing activities in their workbooks, or complete self-study chapters. Learning is assessed through online questions linked to the module and marked by an assessor.

The context is focussed on managers based in offices or with home-working/hybrid teams, however can be adapted for other workplaces, please contact us.

Course Instructor

Richard Curtis Richard Curtis Author

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