Level 2 Food Safety Qualification

The Open Awards Level 2 Award in Food Safety has been designed to prepare you for the Catering and Hospitality industry. Wether you are an experienced member of staff looking to formalise your experience or someone who is about to embark on a new career in hospitality, this course with give you the knowledge to utilise and develop your specialist skills with confidence and safety while giving you a recognised Level 2 Qualification that is essential in any professional Hospitality workplace. The content of this course is based on the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for food safety in a catering environment and recommendations of good practice outlined by the Food Standards Agency, so through achieving this qualification you, and any employer, can evidence that you have met the legal training requirements in food safety.

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Course Information

Introducing the Level 2 Food Safety course from Skills For Progress, an Open Awards certified Qualification designed for junior hospitality staff looking to start their catering careers of for experienced staff looking to shore up their knowledge and skills with a recognised qualification to add to their CV

The Level 2 Food Safety Course from Skills For Progress will give you the skills to unlock your potential. It is designed to compliment and reinforce the knowledge you already have, at whatever level. Then furthering your knowledge and skillset so you can put it into practice professionally, safely and to the highest legal standards.

This qualification will show your employers that you fully understand your legal responsibilities in a food handling environment. It will also show that you have trained to follow a high standard of good practice working ensuring that you are not only competent but a reliable, safe and professional chef, bar tender or waiter.

If you are looking to retrain as a hospitality worker, the Level 2 Food Safety qualification is an essential step in the right direction. Understanding the practical applications of good practice working will allow you to hone your practical knowledge to the highest possible standards of the industry. While you work on your primary skills, this qualification will help you refine those skills and knowledge to help you stand out from your colleagues.


  • 1. Food Hygiene, Food Safety & The Law​
    • Why is Food Hygiene so Important
    • What is the difference between Food safety and Food Hygiene?
    • Legislation and the Law
    • Food Hazards and Spoilt Food
    • The Four Types of Food contamination
    • What is the difference between Best Practice and a legal requirement?
    • Legal Responsibilities
    • Implementing Procedures
    • Reporting Food Hazards
    • Environmental Health Practitioners
  • 2. Personal Hygiene​
    • Why’s personal Hygiene so Important
    • Personal Hygiene
    • Clothing and PPE
    • The Benefits of good personal Hygiene
    • Managing your own habits
    • First Aid
    • Reporting Sickness and Injury
    • Hand Washing
  • 3. Workplace Cleanliness​
    • Food Preparation and Storage
    • Bacterial, Microbial and Viral Contaminants​
    • Alergens
    • Workflow
    • Food preparation and storage management
    • Cleaning
    • Cooking & Reheating Temperatures​
    • Fridge & Freezer Temperatures​
    • Accepting Deliveries
    • Cleaning Routines
    • COSH and the Kitchen
    • Benefits of record Keeping
  • 4. Pest Control
    • Signs of Pests
    • Pest Prevention
    • Pest control COSHH

Programme delivery

The online course is delivered in 15 minute pre-recorded units with associated activities to help learners develop the skills and embed the learning.

Following completion of the course there is an assessment quiz.

Course Instructor

Stuart Blakeledge Stuart Blakeledge Author

Level 2 Food Safety Qualification


Food Safety and the Law

Personal Hygiene

Food Preparation and Storage

Pest Control



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